What is Take The Mountain Challenge?

TTMC is a three day, call to adventure, rugged experience for men.
This event is designed to challenge you Physically, Mentally and Spiritually.
If you are willing to leave it all on the mountain and let God forge your spirit, you will return home the Warrior King you were created to be.

 This is not your soft,  kumbaya-singing, donut eating, men’s retreat. This is a battle for your life! In this battle we take the offensive and ADVANCE.

🔸 You WILL be pushed. 

🔸 You WILL be stretched.

🔸 It WILL be hard.

🔸And you absolutely

     CAN DO IT!


Are you willing to push yourself beyond your limitations, beyond your hurts, beyond your habits, beyond your hang ups to resurrect the WARRIOR SPIRIT within?

Men were not created to fight our battles alone. It takes a squad of dedicated warriors to overcome the obstacles laid  before us and it takes a battle to forge a bond of trust that we are able to rely on when the battle is getting too much to handle on our own. Are you done with average? 

Are you ready to commit?


Push beyond your comfort zone, push beyond your physical limits, find out what you're made of and  LEAVE IT ALL ON THE MOUNTAIN!

Men's Weekend Challenge

Prescott, AZ

October 18th -20th


✓Meals Included

✓ Lodging Included

✓ Fellowship

✓ Guaranteed Workout

✓ Great Speakers

✓ Renewed Faith

✓ Personal Growth

✓ Encouragement

✓ Sanity in this world!



We know that it takes a lot of time, resources and energy to execute a great men’s event.
We also know that our churches need strong men that are bold Warriors for Christ.
That’s where the leaders at Take the Mountain Challenge come in.
We offer exclusive weekends for the men of your church to come to the mountain and strengthen their bonds with one another and with Christ our King.
We will provide you with all the tools to promote the event as well as take care of all ticket sales and planning.
You gather the men alongside you and let us do all the work.


What Men Are Saying...

Don't take our word on it...This is a see it to believe it experience!

Benefit A


Postal Worker

Benefit A


Family Man

Benefit B


Single Dad

Benefit B


Warrior's Sword

Benefit C


2nd Year Attendee

Benefit C


Almost Didn't Go